The wedding reception is the first time you formally receive your relatives and friends as a married couple. Properly planned, it becomes one of the most joyous receptions that you will ever host- give your relatives and friends a reception they’ll still remember when you start having grandchildren!

We would be honored to be a part of your special day. With our vast experience supplying beverages for hundreds of weddings each year - we can guide you through the process.

How many bottles will I need ?

How many servings you'll get out of a bottle of wine, champagne or liquor?

How to calculate how many bottles of each kind of beverage you'll need for the wedding reception.

To calculate the number of bottles you'll need, you can try to give your best guess as to what your guests will prefer. For instance, will most likely prefer wine or most drink hard liquor? Or do you predict an equal mix of wine drinkers hard liquor drinkers and beer drinkers along with a few non-drinkers?

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